Sven Ellekaer

Sven Ellekaer 1

Sven Ellekaer, unspecified designers for Merfac: Merfac Modul Reol, Noblesse, Silkeborg

Merfac Modul Reol modular shelving system, Noblesse chair and sofas group, Silkeborg coffee table
Design: Sven Ellekaer (Merfac Modul Reol), unspecified designers (Noblesse, Silkeborg)
Producer: Merfac
Date of advert: March 1973

Sven Ellekaer 2

Sven Ellekaer & Nanna Ditzel for Møbelfabrikken Relax: Model 99

Model 99 armchair
Design: Sven Ellekaer (design) and Nanna Ditzel (fabric)
Producer: Møbelfabrikken Relax
Date of advert: May 1967

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